Miss Sara talks about hope and trust

The recent impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak and COVID-19 might be confusing for students and it can be difficult to explain the situation to young children. Here’s a message from Miss Sara & The Character Tree about having hope & trust during these uncertain times.

Talking with kids about coronavirus

Like many parents, teachers, and guardians, you might be struggling to explain the coronavirus and COVID-19 to young children. Not only are kids curious about what the virus is, but they also might be confused about the emotions they may be experiencing because of the virus and suddenly being out of their regular routines.

When talking to kids about the coronavirus, it’s important to remind them of two essential character traits; hope and trust. Remind them to have trust that nurses, doctors, and scientists are doing their very best to care for and treat the people who are sick. And instill hope that scientists will be able to make a vaccine to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

And lastly, remind kids that we all have many different feelings, we use our emotions to help us make sense of what is happening around us. It is okay to feel angry, sad, or confused. No matter what kids are feeling, encourage them to talk about those feelings with an adult.