The Character Tree is an educational video subscription series for K-2 students. The kindergarten series includes 36 episodes, 12 original songs, 36 sets of teachers guides and 36 sets of very useful supplemental resources. The first 12 episodes focus on classroom citizenship topics like hand raising, standing in line, and voice levels. The next 6 episodes discuss a positive character trait like what kindness or honesty means. The following 6 episodes show how a person at their school (like the principal or custodian) exemplifies a positive character trait. The remaining 12 episodes will follow our traditional format, highlighting one positive character trait and a prominent figure who exemplifies that trait, like kindness & Jane Goodall or perseverance & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Character Tree’s subscription platform allows you to easily incorporate character education content with short 7 to 8 -minute-long videos and works either in school or with remote learning. Please give us a try!”