In collaboration with Aperture Education, we hosted a live webinar with special guest Dr. Maurice Elias, Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University and the Director of the Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab. Moderator Sheryl Harmer, Ed. D, brought her thirty-years of experience in public schools and six years with Committee for Children to the conversation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown all of us the importance of character. But character does not just “happen.” It is taught and learned and it starts early in life. Recent research also shows that social-emotional learning (SEL) skills are essential for character development.

This webinar covers how to:

  • Bring social-emotional skills and character development together in everyday teaching (and parenting)
  • Build a climate that promotes students’ SEL and Character Development
  • Handouts including an Optimistic Thinking Educator Guide, a social and emotional growth strategy, a remote-learning character development lesson plan, and more!

Click here to watch the recorded webinar.