Mister Rogers is a pretty big deal to us at The Character Tree! So, in honor of the movie all about Mister Rogers, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, premiering this week we decided to ask Miss Sara what Mister Rogers means to her.

You’ve probably come to know Miss Sara as the host of The Character Tree, but you may not know that Miss Sara is also a real teacher. She’s been teaching for 12 years, seven of those years in 1st grade!

Sara knew she wanted to grow up to be a teacher at just 7 years old. Sara says that when she thinks back on her childhood and the people who had the biggest impact on her life as a child she thinks of “Mister Rogers, my second-grade teacher Mrs. Sholl, and my grandma.” –Miss Sara.

Sara loved Mister Rogers’ ability to make her feel like every episode was made just for her and it felt like “he was talking directly to me through the screen.” –Miss Sara

Not only has Mister Rogers inspired Sara in her own life, but Mister Rogers also helped shape The Character Tree and who the character Miss Sara is. Sara says that it is her goal to connect with children who watch The Character Tree the same way that Mister Rogers connected with her through the television screen.

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